hypnosis coventry
hypnosis coventry
Talk Therapies Call Sue on 07429 749936 for an appointment
Talk TherapiesCall Sue on 07429 749936 for an appointment

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So, you've read about how great hypnotherapy is and you want to book an appointment.

Great choice!


It couldn't be easier.


Ideally I would love to have a chat with you before you book in. That way we can check each other out, make sure we think it will be a good fit and deal with any concerns you may have before you start spending money. 


Call me on 07429 749936 and we can find out a little bit about each other.


On the other hand, maybe you don't feel like talking today. Maybe we could email?


My address is talktherapies@gmail.com


or maybe you'd prefer to text. Feel free to use the mobile 07429 749936 to text me on and we can take it from there.


I don't take bookings online for several reasons. There are people who hypnotists cannot work with, and it would be innapropriate to take your time and money if I know I cannot help you. There are also restriction on working with certain types of clients (for example I can only work with someone who is under 18 with a parent or guardian present or with their written permission).


Things to think about before you call.


Fistly - What do you want to achieve with our sessions?

Secondly - Do you have any experience of being hypnotised before?

Thirdly - What times/dates will be best for you?

Fourthly - Any questions you may have for me.

Lastly - Do you have any mobility issues? e.g. if you cannot leave your home, if you cannot walk up a flight of stairs or if you have anxiety about certain types of room.



We are located at:

Park Counselling Centre

31 Park Road




Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


07429 749936



Or use our contact form.

Get social with us.


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