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Weight Management

There are many issues that people have around their weight. 


Some want to gain weight, Some want to lose weight, some want to maintain their weight but eat healthier, some just want to curb cravings that they have for certain foods - whatever you are looking to do Hypnosis can help you achieve your goal.


Hypnosis for Weight Loss


There are 2 main routes we use for weight loss, depending on what you are looking for.


If your main goal is to reduce your appetite as you would if you had Gastric Band Surgery, the we would suggest 


Hypnotic Gastric Band


This is the process by which you will undergo hypnosis and be talked through a gastric band operation. One of the brilliant things about hypnosis is that although your conscious mind will know that you have not had a gastric band operation, your subconscious and more importantly, your body, will react as though it has. 


It is a one off session (with preparation work done at home prior to the appointment) with a CD of the session given to you so that you can reinforce the suggestions and readjust your hypnotic band as you need to.


If you wish to proceed with this form of hypnosis we require you to give at least 2 weeks notice of your intention as there is some preparation work that you will need to do in order to achieve the best results. This would be discussed with you when you call to make the appointment and details will be emailed to you when you book.


Details of our prices can be found here


Weight Management Package


The weight management package is a minimum of 3 sessions, but normally 6. This package is tailor made for each client and develops healthy eating, manageable appetite, sensible exercise, motivation, self appreciation and sustainable living. If you are someone who eats even when they are not hungry then this is the better package for you. 


Details of our prices can be found here


Hypnosis for Weight Gain


Being under weight is just as much a health concern as being overweight and for some people it can be very difficult to find ways to manage their eating to get to a healthy weight for them. We take this problem very seriously and work with our clients to find ways to support them in reaching their desired weight.


Depending on the extent of the issue this can be a longer process and we would suggest that one of the discounted multiple session packages would be most appropriate.


Details of our prices can be found here

Hypnosis for Healthy Eating


Even if our weight is about right, we don't all have the healthiest eating habits in the world. Hypnosis can be used to help support your goals to eat healthier. so, whether you are looking to stop the cravings for sugar, or to gain a taste for fish, we can help!

Often cravings for certain foods, or types of foods can be dealt with in just one session.


Details of our prices can be found here

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