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Does Hypnotherapy work?

One of the most common questions people have is 


Does Hypnotherapy work?


The easy answer is - Yes! - a more complete answer is probably useful though.


Everybody is different. They react to different things in different ways. Just as some people will get better with one medicine, but others will be better suited to something else.


The vast majority of people can be hypnotised to the point that we can use it to effect a therapeutic benefit, that is to say, they will benefit from hypnotherapy. Even people who find it difficult to go into trance will benefit from the process of relaxation and focus that the hypnotherapist uses in conjunction with other techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). 


If you want evidence that hypnosis works you only have to look on youtube and search for hypnosis. You will find many examples of people in trance seeing things that aren't there or believing things that are not true. If you look up hypnotherapy you will find examples of people being helped to deal with issues from pain management to weight loss, fear of flying to stopping smoking, stress relief to relaxation and much, much more.


So, Does Hypnotherapy Work?





Does it work for everyone? - No, but it is helpful for the vast majority of people looking to change how they think or feel about something.


Often people come to see a hypnotherapist because a friend or member of their family has had success with hypnotherapy, so they already know it works, because it worked for the person they know. I think the real question that most people want to know the answer to is...


Will it work for me?


Let me answer that with some questions...


 Can you describe your front door? What colour is it? Does it have a number on it? Does it have a handle, and if so, which side is it on? 


 Can you hear somebody speaking to you in a room with little or no other distractions going on around you (with hearing aids if you require them)


If you can do both of these things the answer is very probably - Yes - It will work for you. If you can describe your front door then you can call up an internal image, which is part of the process for hypnotherapy. If you can hear a voice in a quiet room then you would be able to hear and follow the directions given to you by the therapist. It really is as simple as that.

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